Our Story

At LAX, our mission is to revolutionize the travel industry with sustainable, inspiring, and functional travel gear. We aim to minimize our environmental impact by offering timeless, durable and stylish luggage with a lifetime warranty

We envision a world where travel is a transformative experience, connecting people and cultures while preserving the planet for future generations.


Our commitment to sustainability drives everything we do. We believe in breaking the cycle of single-use travel gear, which is why we offer timeless designs and extra durable luggage with a lifetime warranty. By creating products that last, we aim to eliminate waste and promote responsible consumption.

Inspire Journeys

Our community of travelers is the heart of LAX. We draw inspiration from diverse cultures worldwide, infusing our designs with a global perspective while locally crafting them in Singapore.

Functional Design

Wide handle luggage is only the start. Our goal is to enhance the travel experience, providing both style and practicality to all travelers.